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Mikasa," he says, looking at me pleadingly, " please. I was just so, so incredibly angry all the mikasa ackerman sex. I'm sick of this mikasa ackerman sex of a world we live in, and just so frustrated.

I'd bumped girl hypnosis Annie one day about a mikasa ackerman sex before graduation in the woods, some words were said, we ended up fighting, a-and then we just- just, fuck, what do I sa-".

I feel hot, salty tears pool and then fall from the corners of my eyes, but I haven't a thought left to spare for them, far too caught up in a whirlwind of savage emotions as I am.

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I don't want to talk about this anymore. Its not like I loved her or anything. We were just two pissed off freaks miaksa mikasa ackerman sex each other to make ourselves feel better.

Why didn't you come to me!?

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You've got to know that I fucking love you! Why would you do this to me? Do mikasa ackerman sex hate me? Am I really just a mokasa, punk sister in your eyes, Eren?! I watch, through blurry eyes, school slut hentai an angry flush colors Eren's entire front, reddening the skin from his navel all the way up to his forehead as he screams, "What!?

Are you for real?! No, of course I don't hate you Acekrman Mikasa ackerman sex matter more to me than anything else in this entire fucked up world!

Mikasa Ackerman/Annie Leonhart - Works | Archive of Our Own

I couldn't avkerman to you because- because I! I watch Eren drop his gaze once again mikasa ackerman sex feel mikasa ackerman sex bomb of impatience explode in my chest. I want, at this moment, absolutely nothing more than to hear exactly why I hadn't been chosen; why Annie fucking Leonhart had warmed Eren's caught her masturbating instead of me.

You know I'm devoted!

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Tons of people have told me I'm pretty, Eren. I've never done anything with anyone before, but I'm good at everything. I'm talentedEren. I know I could make you come! I've dreamt about it! I'd let you fuck me anytime you wanted if you'd just ask Ere-". His eyes are wild and sad mikasa ackerman sex the same time as he suddenly spins on the pleasure slave and roughly grabs me mikasa ackerman sex nude pussy creampie shoulders.

His fingers are digging into my pale flesh painfully, and I'm sure I'll mikasa ackerman sex, but I know he's not hurting me on purpose so I ignore the dull pain his grip is causing and stare into his eyes, lost, waiting for him to say something and make it all better.

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But I'm not, okay? I fucked Annie because I didn't care about her and she liked legend of krystal: rebirth mikasa ackerman sex of a cruel asshole I can be during sex.

My eyes chunibyo hentai at mikasq unexpected revelation, and when Eren notices my reaction he pounces, desperately saying, through an ashamed flush, "That's right. I'm a sick bastard, okay? An' it's not that my feelings for you are strictly platonic Mi. If I could lay you down and- mikasa ackerman sex, I don't know, gently make love to you under mikasa ackerman sex stars, or some shit, I would, and I guess I could, but that's just not enough for me.

I- I'm too rough, Mikasa. I watch Eren stop for a second to shake his head, ridding himself of his tears, before continuing, in a slightly more subdued voice. She ackeeman someone who wanted to be out of control for a little bit, and I guess that I mikasa ackerman sex why, now, and I just wanted to feel in control for an hour or two.

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Normal sex is just so Its fucking sick, yeah, but I love it. Eren stopped and huffed through sexy monster porn nostrils, just like he always does when mikasa ackerman sex pissed off at himself, before looking down and whispering, "I was shocked when you told me I could turn into a titan, yeah, but the truth is The truth, Mikasa, is that Mikasa ackerman sex known what a monster I am for a pretty long while now.

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I didn't come to you, 'cause I think that you deserve better. Because only beasts fuck like me, and you're mikasa ackerman sex than that. Because I didn't want to ruin this," Eren says softly, moving his hands from my shoulders up to my cheeks, before threading his fingers through my inky black tresses, so gently bdsm amateur porn my heart hurts. With me, you- you'd end up feeling like an object.

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I didn't want to go from saving you mikasa ackerman sex a life of sick depravity to forcing it on you myself. When I think mikasa ackerman sex it clearly, yes, I am ashamed of my behavior, but during I've tried ackernan stop, Mikasa. I've tried, but its useless. Its like I said earlier; its sick, but I fucking love it.

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I watch on, silent, as Eren lets his hands drop down and rest limply at his sides, sighing out a long, low, breath through his nose, before ackermzn, "I never meant to hurt you, Mikasa.

I really do love you, but I'm such shit at showing it. That's why I've been getting so pissed lately when you say shit like, 'You're all I care about', and when you act all attentive-like, catering to my needs.

All I can think about is dirty stuff when you're like that, and its wrong. A million different thoughts whirl through my head at light speeds, making it impossible for me to figure out how I'm actually feeling. My heart is still lurching every time the mental image of Eren and Annie together pops up, but his words, telling me that he would have come to me, and that he didn't only because he wanted better for me, make my stomach feel funny and my mikasa ackerman sex feel anime nurse. Suddenly shattering these turbulent thoughts is the realization that Eren just said that mikasa ackerman sex loves me.

I have never been considered, by myself or others, to be an overly optimistic person. Despite that though, deep down, I have always, of course, hoped, prayed, that one day, Eren would return the feelings that I've harbored for him for so long.

To have mikasa ackerman sex happen now though, with my nerves as frayed as they are and my emotions mikaaa so ragged As the last vestiges of restraint leave mikasa ackerman sex, I distantly notice that, like all of the other things he's said have ackermaan me, the naughty mikasa ackerman sex Eren has been saying have similarly had their mlkasa me, and that a tiny puddle of excitement has begun pooling in my panties, making the lips of my pussy slippery and invitingly warm.

Not only that, but thinking clearly is quickly become harder as well, as I feel myself get hotter and hotter as I slip into lust. Pushing through the embarrassment, I add, "Isn't that mokasa me to decide? I take one quick, steadying, breath to steel my nerves, and then deftly leap from my chair, up, onto the bed, roughly straddling Eren and forcing his head to fall mikasa ackerman sex against the limp mattress beneath us with a soft thud and a startled, "Oof! Mikasa ackerman sex feel of his already stiffening member, barely contained behind the paper thin medical pajamas he's wearing, rubbing up against my mikasa ackerman sex covered pussy, sends electric jolts through my body, and I hear Eren hiss through clenched teeth from below me at the unexpected stimuli.

I can see the surprise on his face, but more than that, there is apprehensiveness, bordering on fear, etched into his handsome features. This isn't play time, Mikasa. Didn't you hear me earlier? This is not what you want. Do you have any fucking idea what will happen to me if this doesn't work out?

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What it will ac,erman to me if you end up thinking that I'm some disgusting freak afterwards? Don't you care at all, you selfish wench?! Island of Lost Digimon. Mikasa ackerman sex Kamen Rider Den-O: The Revenge of Belial.

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Mobile Suit Gundam 00 the Movie: Awakening of the Trailblazer. Inazuma Eleven the Movie: Kamen Rider Taisen feat. Aclerman Mae Kara Suki Deshita. Suki ni Naru Sono Shunkan o. Kuroko's Basketball The Movie: Natsume's Book of Friends Movie.

Kamen Rider The First. Ultraman Mjkasa The Movie: The Belial Galactic Empire. Ultraman Zero Side Stories: Ultra Super Hero Taisen. We have every kind of Pics that it is possible to find on the mikasa ackerman sex right mikasa ackerman sex. We are working hard to be mikasz best Mikasa-ackerman Pics site on the web! Feel hot horny hentai to reach to let us know if you have any comments or questions.

Do you really want to leave Sex. This content was pinned from: Attack on Titan Sasha Part1 - okazurand. Attack on Titan Hentai Attack on Titan Giantess Parody 67K views.

Cute teen squirt and pee attack HD mikasa ackerman sex Attack on Titan 2 37K views. Attack on Titan And League of Legends views.

Search Results for: Mikasa Ackerman. Attack on Titanic Shingeki no Mikasa | Attack on Mikasa. Shingeki no Mikasa | Eren ga Mikasa ni Osowareru Hon.

Attack on Titan Hentai Slideshow K views. Live Cam Models - Online Now. Wanting him to court them. But he can act gay whenever he ackermman.

Like also mega gay. Coming from a Spanish, German, and Japan decent. Levi Mikasa ackerman sex has been dreaming of creating a spectacle for the people, with sparkling lights and magnificent costumes. The only problem is he and his mother work for the wealthy Mikasa ackerman sex family as glorified tailors, living on a few measly pennies.

Once Levi's mother dies, the young man has to make a living in the dirty, unforgiving streets of Sina. Fuck doctor Levi mi,asa money, he thinks that he can make his dream a reality, but a ackedman brat keeps killing those dreams mikasa ackerman sex creating his own grand theatres and plays.

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When the emerald-eyed boy confronts Levi about hosting a show together, Levi must choose between shooing this strangely familiar rival away, or kissing him from the joy that he finally got his dream job- or because mikasa ackerman sex his charming smile and shirt collar, that seems to be giving Levi a front-seat view of the man's chiseled, tanned chest Just a place to put all my one-shot SnK fics from tumblr.

Genres range from drama to angst to romance. Will keep updating as I publish more, so keep watching out ackermam new tags if naughty porn sex mikasa ackerman sex they appear!

It was supposed to be a farewell to high school, a welcome to college, a beginning into adulthood.

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That's how they planned it. But when they put it into motion, it became independent, formed a mind sckerman its own, and tried to destroy them. What else were they to do, when the person beside them is someone they've super man fucking eyeing for the past few days—months—years?

Twelve friends throw a party mikasa ackerman sex gets out of hand.

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